Hello there !

My name is Manon-Jeanne Bedel. I am an French student living in Montréal since 2016. In 2015 while I was still living near Paris, the Collegial International Sainte Anne solicited my French school in order to welcome some French students for 2 years. I decided to take the chance and moved to Montréal without my parents and thus, did not complete a full French schooling. I currently still am a student at the Collegial International Sainte Anne in Lachine and I intend to acquire a DCS for the program Individual, Law and Society by the end of the year. Regarding my future, I would like to study History at university in France.

In order to validate my diploma, I will take part in an Internship at the Montréal Holocaust Museum. During the 3 weeks I will spend as a part of the Museum,  I will try to determinate how the Montréal Holocaust Museum contributes to the survival of the memory of the Holocaust and this by focusing on the collection object and a person’s history relation.

If you are willing to learn more information about my project, you will be able to read all about its evolution thanks to the weekly blogs entry present on the website. Moreover, I will be presenting the results of my research on May, 26th 2018 at the Complexe Desjardins.

See you soon and enjoy the website !

Manon-Jeanne Bedel